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Cooking has always been a family affair. My Grandma, Lourdes Nichols, brought her love of Mexican cooking over to the UK when she moved to Buckinghamshire in her late twenties, having grown up in Mexico and spending her early twenties in Jamaica where Mum was born. During the 1980's she started the first UK based tortilla chip & Mexican food company in the country, beginning with a small product line in Harrods, and ending up with two major factories in Aylesbury. She went on to work closely with Sainsbury's and publish a number of cookbooks - the recipes of which we still use regularly.


Mum went on to start the wonderfully successful company Taste Catering on the Isle of Man 12 years ago, and we have since joined forces with Wild Thyme, continuing the family tradition and making me a third generation cook. We work wonderfully together, pushing each other to be adventurous with new ideas and flavours. We draw influence from seasonal Manx produce, our Mexican heritage, and a touch of the Caribbean from our connection to Jamaica.

We do what we love, and love what we do.

Lucinda x


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